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  • The Value of Design Research, and getting an ROI

    Customers ask us about measuring ROI for design related activities. What value does this work bring to our shareholders? Why should we focus our energy on customer experience? These questions get to the underlying problem of finding the right metrics to evaluate changes to your

  • Process: Naming Workshops

    Developing the right name for the job. Whether renaming an American institution or the next widget that your team builds the process is the same: research, analyze, frame, co-create, narrow and validate. Hopscotch Lab's works with its clients to develop a brand platform from which

  • SDXD: Confessions of a Research Participant

    Past Events SDXD: Confessions of a Research Participant Kristine Angell, Organizer, Researcher Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Many of us perform user research but not a lot of us get to BE user research. This panel explored the participant and researcher perspective. In January, several SDXD members participated

Qualitative research applied to websites, products and services will help you develop the right solution for your audience.
Define your approach with insight into your audience, competitors and capabilities.