Who is this?

This morning I received an email from Monster.com about an old resume that I’d posted there ages ago. It asked me to update the resume. Simple enough request, but following the link led to a confusing log-in page that appeared to have nothing to do with Monster and everything to do with a secondary vendor, E-Verify. What immediately came to mind is ‘What? Is this a scam?’ ‘Is this Monster?’ ‘Where’s the log-in?’

A visitor to your site shouldn’t be asking themselves if they made it to your site. When that user goes to log-in they shouldn’t be asking where to log-in. Monster.com has made the mistake of believing that security of information is more important than brand recognition. Monster has allowed a vendor’s brand to dominate and usurp their brand. Ouch! This is fatal.

Protecting your customer is an important goal. However, in this age of scams it’s important for the consumer to trust in the business that is presented to them online. Monster.com has lost their credibility because they let a main driver of consumer behavior dislodge the company’s brand message.