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Join Me in Valle de Guadalupe
It’s a retreat.

This is an opportunity to go as a group to Mexico’s famed Valle de Guadalupe.
Known for its wine, the valley is roughly 2 hours South of San Diego just East of Ensenada—where the Love Boat docks.

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Need more convincing? James + Antonio are on it: having taken many research trips to validate restaurants, tacos, juice bars, and wineries.

The Plan:
  • 1 Day Saturday Retreat
  • $200: $100 prepay for the bus + $100 hundred for food + beverages
  • Learn about the valley through touring the wineries, drinking their wine, and eating the food.
  • Head down and back as a group on a rented bus.
  • The date: Sept 15th ¡Sold Out!
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WAIT! I prefer a 2 Day Retreat. Can I put in a request?

A 2-day trip to Valle…Take Friday off, head down early, hang out at Cuatros Cuatro for the day riding horses, helicopters and staring off into the sunset…or head into the valley center and explore. Sleep over in the tents at Cuatros Cuatro ($200/night), and meet up with everyone else on Saturday.
Raise your hand if you want to have a longer retreat. By clicking on the button below, you’ll let us know that not only are you game for Saturday, but would much prefer to start on Friday to get 2 days in. Not to worry, we’ll mark you down for the 1 day if we don’t get enough people for a full bus load.

Update/Full Disclosure: We’re planning a follow up retreat for early October (2nd or 3rd weekend). A 3-day retreat is coming in at $750.

Raising My Hand for a 2 Day Retreat in October!

Things to note:

Venmo: this is a personal trip made by friends. Neither SDXD, Hopscotch Labs nor our friends at UXSpeakeasy are sanctioning this as an organization.Thus we’ll be using Venmo to pay each other to pay for the bus. Also, if you’re uncomfortable using Pesos, we can venmo each other at the end.
Local Support: We’re working with Guillermo and Antonio’s brother to make sure we have a good time.
Timing: We’re going to leave early and get home late. Plan accordingly.
Dates: Sept 15th
1 Day Agenda: 8am Old Town Trolley Stop; 10am Overlook pause by lighthouse; 10:30 Juice stop; 12 Lunch; 1pm Quatros Quatro, 3pm Upside down boats; 6pm Finca dinner; 9pm Head home.
Dress Code: Think LA-ranch fancy, summer party Ralph Lauren… Northern Mexicans dress fancier on the weekend than we do. Expect to see lots of suit coats, linen pants, and dresses.