The Human Clan

Do you fear rejection? Do you yawn when everyone else yawns. Do you try really hard to understand someone speaking to you in a foreign language?

Lately I've been reminded of just how animalistic we humans are.

The IFTF just published a great article about happiness. What caught my eye wasn't the insightful way in which they were able to break down happiness, but the way in which they described our need to connect with others. "The evolutionary psychology piece comes in when you start to realize that humans evolved to: first, not get killed, and second, worry about rejection by the tribe, danger in unfamiliar territory, and accumulating as much of value as possible." And, "so we fear rejection, get anxious in new situations, and are never satisfied, no matter how much stuff we have."

As Joseph Campbell stated in his Hierarchy of Needs theory, man's primary mission is to survive with love and fulfillment a much more nascent drive. With the weather turning and the sunlight dimming our drive to hibernate takes over. It takes extreme efforts to pull us out of this funk. Thank God for the annual holiday sales with all the sweaters, TVs and half off frenzies that lull us from our beds and into the hunt.

How far from the cave have we really gone?