Community behavior change campaign for violence prevention.2018-02-13T08:03:53-07:00

Project Description

Hopscotch Labs developed communication strategies to accelerate behavior change within violent neighborhoods. Cure Violence addresses violence as an epidemic: not a dispute between good and bad people but a behavioral disease that can be eradicated. The goal of this project was to address the thinking of the low risk community that underlies the social norms and behaviors perpetuating the transmission of violence at the individual and community level.


Identified as a key civic design project by Design Ignites Change; and by PopTech! The organization has rebranded and developed key components of the communication plan into sale-able products.

Main Activities

  • Ethnographic research, including: observation + interviews + workshops
  • Concept development + value mapping
  • Marketing communication plan

Client: Cure Violence (previously CeaseFire Chicago)