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Project Examples:

Below are example findings from a Service Experience Usability Test. 

Lacking clear information, participants relied on past experience to find their car in the parking lot, not expecting the building to be a garage.
People rely on prior knowledge and the available information to guide them in their decision making. No where within their experience with the new RCC did they come learn that it was a garage and not a lot.
The bright San Diego conditions made industry standard signage impossible to read.
On multiple occasions, participants noted environmental conditions as barriers to a sign’s ease of use. San Diego’s greatest feature made navigating impossible whether exiting the dark RCC to find an unlit sign bathed in bright sunlight; or trying to find when the next bus is coming under the sun’s glare on video monitors.

Each project we take on is unique to the client. We’ve provided several Case Studies on the site to support your understanding of the way we like to work—closely with you! They also go into our thinking, processes, and outcomes. 

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