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Get closer to your customer.

Customers come to us with three questions:


What do we make?

Hopscotch Labs helps clients identify the features that best fit the needs of their customers; and then we help you make them awesome..

Your products, services and systems should fit your business capabilities and customer needs. Hopscotch digs in to find the nexus of your opportunity. We refine processes to eliminate user errors and increase product stickiness. Read about a recent project where we eliminated 15 minutes of setup time to move a client’s product from the storage room to the operating room.

Who's my customer?

Defining your most viable audience shouldn't be a headache.

Help us find a focus!

Too many ideas can distract your firm from its greatest opportunity.

Learn how Hopscotch helped an organic farm harness their opportunity by developing focus and a future.

Our approach

Happy Clients

The Players

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