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Discover Customer Need

Translate Research Insights into Strategic Design Direction

Example projects:

  • Information Architecture; Brand Testing, City of San Diego website
  • Product strategy for Mindflow Design

Develop Design Strategy

Contextual Research + Co-Creation with your Audience

Example Projects:

  • Community engagement for the City of San Diego Website
  • Kitchen cookware, confidential client
Learn More

Map customer experiences to business activities.

Example projects:

  • Community engagement discovery research, City of San Diego website
  • Journey mapping for Mindflow Design

Test Usability + Acceptance

Strategic Approaches to your Market and your Product

Example projects:

  • Non-Profit Brand Strategy, for design agency CC:S
  • Product Story, for design agency DD Studio

Community Engagement + Website Strategy

City of San Diego

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Experience Research + Panel Discussion

San Diego International Airport*

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Naming Workshop

City of San Diego

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