Lab: From Research to Concept in 1 Day

Lab: From Research to Concept in 1 Day
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Event Overview

Lab: From Research to Concept in 1 Day

Design based on real customer needs and motivations.

Join us June 11 to learn what it takes to design a product based on actual need.

In this intensive, 1-day lab you will learn from Hopscotch Labs’ experts—experts versed in helping companies leverage human experiences to build better products and services for over 15 years. You will learn how to use human-centered research to diagnose the unique problems faced by your clients’ customers. You will get hands on experience developing customer insights that lead directly to design development. Ending the day with conceptualized solutions that directly solve the problem you identified.

Afterwards, you’ll have the ability to guide the creation of products and services that your customers will love. Most of all you’ll have new skills to lead your organization.

What’s in it for you?

• Learn simple research techniques that lead you to an AhHa faster.

• Learn how customer insight can define design criteria.

• Learn how to go from research to concept in a day.

• Complete the day with a pitch-able concept.

Who is this for?

Professionals. People who have the professional hunger to take their clients further.

Experiential learners. People who learn best when doing.

Design professionals (and those transitioning to design). People who want to beef up their portfolio with projects based on customer and user need.

Startups, product owners, designers and business owners. From physical products to virtual products, this practice can be applied to all aspects of your business.

This is UX, CX and XD all rolled up into a one day workshop.


First 5 people: $150, thereafter $180.

Costs include breakfast

About the Instructors

Kris Angell, founder of Hopscotch Labs. From startups to fortune 500 companies she provides design innovation to create new opportunities and grow businesses. On a daily basis, Kris leads teams to solve complex innovation challenges by uncovering deep human and user-centered need. Kris is the Head of Events for SDXD, and was previously Co-Chair of AIGA/NY’s mentoring program. She holds a Masters in Design Methods and an MBA.

Julika Lomas contributes her wealth of knowledge on all things psychology, while attending closely to dynamic systems of diverse people and cultures. As a native German and a language expert (formerly at Duolingo), Julika develops company culture through harnessing complex human systems.

About Hopscotch Design Research Workshops

Hopscotch Labs’ Design Research Lab brings human-centered education to San Diego in the form of engaging, hands-on and eyes-wide experiences. Whether you are new to design, transitioning or honing your skills, our workshops offer a unique in depth learning experience fueled by a group, and a strategic plan to have you emerge with a different attitude, a solid new set of skills and valuable contacts for future use.

Starting in the summer 2016, Hopscotch Labs will kick off a series educational labs and workshops for executives, professionals curious about design and mid-level learners. Our workshops provide valuable examples in your portfolio, and center around challenges in tourism, urban community development, life quality improvements, and tackling big hairy problems.