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Upcoming Labs

Lab: A focus on female and family, research methods for product development

Led by: Kristine Angell + Julika Lomas
Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Products don’t exist in a vacuum. It gets used in the context of everyday life. Learn how to use context to derive product ideas or features and functions.

Start from a place of real user need to …

  • align your product team,
  • prioritize development decisions,
  • make your product sticky, and
  • find market success.

This human-centered lab will focus on field research techniques to understand urban experiences from a female and family perspective.

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Past Labs + Workshops

From Design Research to Concept in 1 Day

Led by: Kristine Angell + Julika Lomas
Saturday, June 11, 2016

Design based on real customer needs and motivations.

Participants learned what it takes to design a product based on actual need.

In this intensive, 1-day workshop Hopscotch Labs taught participants how to use human-centered research to diagnose the unique problems faced by their clients’ customers. They got hands on experience developing customer insights that lead directly to design development. Ending the day with conceptualized solutions that directly solve the problem they identified.