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SDXD: Confessions of a Research Participant

Past Events SDXD: Confessions of a Research Participant Kristine Angell, Organizer, Researcher Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Many of us perform user research but not a lot of us get to BE user research. This panel explored the participant and researcher perspective. In January, several SDXD members participated in experience research for the San Diego International Airport’s new

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Service Design

Did you enjoy grocery shopping last week? Did that little old lady run you over with her cart? DId they put your eggs at the bottom of the bag?Service design is the answer to these and other issues people have when shopping, when you're on hold wi...

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Aging and Cognition

I'm currently doing research to discover how aging and cognition affect the design of services. While there are several ongoing projects (Southwick Circle, UK; Ruby's Bequest) there seems to be no substantially related research available. For thos...

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Service Design Conference

The next IA Conference in Cologne is on Service Design.

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