Launching a Killer App leads to big questions from users

Google+ Evaluating the user experience Problem: When launched Google+ captured disgruntled FaceBook users, however use dropped off precipitously within a month of launch. Our goal [...]

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  Turning overwhelm into stamina Problem: Existing career sites don’t support the process of searching for a job. We interviewed long-term job seekers and career [...]

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Lifelogging: Capture your life all the time

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Cure Violence: Community Behavior Change

Anti-Violence Neighborhood Campaign, Cure Violence (previously CeaseFire Chicago) [metaslider id=174650670] Project Goal: CeaseFire is a leader in preventing violence between individuals. They needed a strategy [...]

Upstream Product Development

My team and I developed a go to market plan for Godrej's Chotukool cooler to enter the US market. Chotukool_presentation

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Revelation for Remote Research

My team and I reviewed Revelation, dScout and Qualvu. Three remote research tools that prompts participants to post comments, photos and videos. Revelation_PlatformReview

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Service Design Research

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Participle a service design-based social enterprise

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DEMOS a British design think tank

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Service Design Tools

Looking for design frameworks and service design tools? Take a look at:

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