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Launching a Killer App leads to big questions from users

Google+ Evaluating the user experience Problem: When launched Google+ captured disgruntled FaceBook users, however use dropped off precipitously within a month of launch. Our goal was to identify what caused users to abandon the platform. We conducted six diagnostic usability interviews with Google+ early adopters with limited experience on the platform. These interviews and observations

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  Turning overwhelm into stamina Problem: Existing career sites don’t support the process of searching for a job. We interviewed long-term job seekers and career councilors to identify the barriers they face and the existing solutions in the market. Their stories led us to believe there was an opportunity to support job searches that have

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Cure Violence: Community Behavior Change

Anti-Violence Neighborhood Campaign, Cure Violence (previously CeaseFire Chicago) [metaslider id=174650670] Project Goal: CeaseFire is a leader in preventing violence between individuals. They needed a strategy to change the thinking about the social norms and behaviors that perpetuate the transmission of violence at the individual and community level. Outcome: A service platform based on four key

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