Designing for phones

Changes to screen size, resolution and dimensions make it a challenge to design for mobile. Here's a great article that helps make sense out of [...]

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Hidden Rhythms in Time


Social Media as the glue in your company spirit

I’ve been doing research into the San Diego marketing companies—people are doing some really innovative work! There is an  evolution of the consumer experience through [...]

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What an experience

By car or by foot, entering the US from Tijuana is a drawn out affair.

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Gaining Traction by Hacking an Exec

Kaaren Hansen of Intuit helps insights gain traction with non-designers. Making design insights tangible to execs worried about their bottom line is tough. Thanks Kaaren Hanson, this is a great presentation. […]


Interesting note from Jason Fried on the future of 37Signals. 37 is no longer 37, it’s Basecamp. Strategically, the move puts Basecamp in primary focus for [...]

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Photo and Design Trends from Shutterstock

Great view into the world of design through trending.:

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Making the message fit the medium

Social video success for brands on Vine and Instagram: Your 6-to-15 seconds of fame via @thenextweb    

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