Creating opportunities to collaborate

At Hopscotch we develop unique opportunities to collaborate with your audience on the topics that matter most to you right now. A colleague turned to [...]

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Process: Naming Workshops

Developing the right name for the job. Whether renaming an American institution or the next widget that your team builds the process is the same: [...]

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Going above and beyond

Hopscotch Labs spent the last year (2015) understanding what residents want and expect from the City of San Diego's website experience. The resulting strategy and [...]

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Service Design

Did you enjoy grocery shopping last week? Did that little old lady run you over with her cart? DId they put your eggs at the bottom of the bag?Service design is the answer to these and other issues people have when shopping, when you're on hold wi...

Inspired environments

Environment matters. They say that the door to your home can tell you a lot about the people who live there. I believe that environments [...]

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Cure Violence: Community Behavior Change

Anti-Violence Neighborhood Campaign, Cure Violence (previously CeaseFire Chicago) [metaslider id=174650670] Project Goal: CeaseFire is a leader in preventing violence between individuals. They needed a strategy [...]

Service Design Research

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Participle a service design-based social enterprise

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Service Design Tools

Looking for design frameworks and service design tools? Take a look at:

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At One, a new service framework

The folks over at have developed a new book from their AT ONE framework. To read more follow the link above to their website and blog.

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