Creating opportunities to collaborate

At Hopscotch we develop unique opportunities to collaborate with your audience on the topics that matter most to you right now. A colleague turned to us for help designing a workshop in the Philippines. Hi! I'm currently working with the Philippine government on a social housing program, in which we'd like to run a workshop

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The size of your team

You've got a research study coming up. Your client has bought into the process and wants their entire team to participate. With 6 in-homes and a team of 2 adding 1-2 extra people to the professional team isn't an issue. However, when the research team explodes to 3-5 clients you start to loose control of

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Platform thinking

Hopscotch Labs attended a Tesla presentation in LA recently. Tesla's focus on creating a universal platform, first for themselves and their customers, but secondarily for all car makers was an incredible reminder of the need to think big to make great change.    

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Web and Game Play

Gaming is taking on new forms and creating new forms of interaction. The new book by Jane McGonigal, "Reality is Broken" highlights the potential for games while a recent conference at AIGA provided dialogue, H...

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