Upstream Product Development

My team and I developed a go to market plan for Godrej's Chotukool cooler to enter the US market. Chotukool_presentation

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Service Design Research

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Participle a service design-based social enterprise

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DEMOS a British design think tank

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Service Design Tools

Looking for design frameworks and service design tools? Take a look at:

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At One, a new service framework

The folks over at have developed a new book from their AT ONE framework. To read more follow the link above to their website and blog.

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Service Design Tool Kit

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Hidden Rhythms in Time


Social Media as the glue in your company spirit

I’ve been doing research into the San Diego marketing companies—people are doing some really innovative work! There is an  evolution of the consumer experience through [...]

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What an experience

By car or by foot, entering the US from Tijuana is a drawn out affair.

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