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The Value of Design Research, and getting an ROI

Customers ask us about measuring ROI for design related activities. What value does this work bring to our shareholders? Why should we focus our energy on customer experience? These questions get to the underlying problem of finding the right metrics to evaluate changes to your bottom line. Below are several articles that help identify those metrics and the economies they touch. […]

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Creating opportunities to collaborate

At Hopscotch we develop unique opportunities to collaborate with your audience on the topics that matter most to you right now. A colleague turned to [...]

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Process: Naming Workshops

Developing the right name for the job. Whether renaming an American institution or the next widget that your team builds the process is the same: [...]

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SDXD: Confessions of a Research Participant

Past Events SDXD: Confessions of a Research Participant Kristine Angell, Organizer, Researcher Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Many of us perform user research but not a [...]

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Going above and beyond

Hopscotch Labs spent the last year (2015) understanding what residents want and expect from the City of San Diego's website experience. The resulting strategy and [...]

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Government UX

City governments have been following news on innovation, user experience (UX), and big data. The results are so promising that many cities have begun to [...]

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The size of your team

You've got a research study coming up. Your client has bought into the process and wants their entire team to participate. With 6 in-homes and [...]

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311 Systems

311 Systems have been in existence for almost 20 years (1996). The number of cities taking on 311 is a slow trickle, stymied by a [...]

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Code for America Summit 2015

What can you learn from government leaders? What are tangible outcomes to a conference that boasts speakers from US cities? Code for America has created [...]

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Online Retail

Online retail is shifting. Amazon's one click shopping is changing how consumers buy online and where they place their trust. Here are several recent articles [...]

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