Our Methods

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Get out and meet your market!

Hopscotch Labs utilizes a variety of anthropological, design and business tools to evaluate a business problem and to design a strategic path forward. Your project is bespoke: designed specifically for your needs, timing and budget. Out international team works closely with you throughout the program, allowing for rich dynamic engagements that can evolve as findings challenge our original assumptions.

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Hopscotch Labs utilizes rigorous methods within defined engagements to uncover insights and opportunities. These engagements include:

  • Business Consulting for Audience, Product + Service Innovation
  • UX Consulting for Agile Development in User Interfaces
  • Experience Design and Strategy

Our methods are repeatable allowing us to see patterns when we look at a problem or a population over many years. These methods include:

  • Ethnography + Contextual + Usability Research
  • Workshops, Co-creation Workshops + Behavior Labs
  • Online + Mobile “In-the-Moment”Journaling (also called remote research)
  • Strategic Product + Service Planning, Roadmaps + Blueprints
  • Concept Scenario Planning
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Rapid Prototyping