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Qualitative Research that matters

Hopscotch Labs is the first qualitative research consultancy that combines cultural anthropology’s methodological rigor with the design thinking and business acumen in order to more fully translate consumer insights into actionable business results. Hopscotch is based in San Diego with partners across the US and abroad.

We choose the methods that will allow you to get as close as possible to the behavior or subject in question. To achieve this, Hopscotch is fluent in a variety of research methodologies, often combining multiple devices to reach a nuanced portrait of the mindset and behavior at the heart of your relationship with your consumers. Each study is bespoke, created from the ground up for the client, topic, and budget at hand.

Take a peek at our methods toolkit.

Methodical Research

Since 2009, Hopscotch has grounded every project in repeatable, methodical anthropological research. Steeped in the teachings of Bill Verplank (Xerox Parc), Jay Doblin (Doblin) and Vijay Kumar (IIT Institute of Design) Hopscotch prides itself on finding impactful insights to drive meaningful consumer interactions.

Repeatable Design Strategy

Hopscotch Labs designs strategic engagements that are measurable, repeatable and provide long-term impact to your bottom line.