“We’re opening the rental center in a month. I need to make sure people can find it.”

Blind spots occur in every project, and every organization. Leverage real experiences with your services and products to build new ideas, inspire your team, and make significant progress. Hopscotch Labs is your consumer engagement partner.

We help businesses innovate.

An innovation consultancy, Hopscotch Labs utilizes user-centered research, design thinking and business acumen to uncover hidden opportunities and build meaningful solutions for companies to expand their reach, connect more meaningfully with their consumers, and build significant improvements to their core business and product offerings.


Observations, home ethnographies, and journey mapping: we’ll help you get the information you need.


Labs, educational workshops, and training events are offered each month. Connect with us to discover how you might participate or have Hopscotch Labs develop one for your team.


Brand testing, card sorting, product usability, behavior labs, workflow analysis: we’ll get you closer to launch.

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“Just wanted to say that you and your team did an incredible job on the research. Really impressive work.”

R. Vazquez, Project Manager

We focus on your customer.

  • To identify new behaviors that create new business opportunities.
  • To redefine product life cycles.
  • To challenge preconceived user stories.


We go where you need to be: inside your customer’s home, operating room or shopping experience.


We start from the individual’s perspective to define needs, use cases and process.


We use repeatable, defined methods to develop insight into people’s behaviors and motivations.

We develop actionable strategy.

  • Based on use cases, work flows and personas.
  • Defining audience needs, behaviors, and motivations.

Competitor Analysis

Identify your desired marketplace with the most opportunity for your company to grow and own the space.

Co-Create with your Target

Engage your target audience in product development to get to the features and functions that really matter.


Iterate to get closer to the final design; refining your product needs, function and feature configurations.

Product Strategy

Develop a go-to-market strategy.

We articulate experiences.

  • To improve usability and user success.
  • To define key interactions that support your audience’s needs.
  • To redefine the future of your services.


We ask why to get your audiences’ perspective and personal use cases. We compare against similar companies and competitors while also incorporating best practices to develop a holistic view of your engagement.

Methodical Observation and Analysis

We use repeatable, defined methods to develop insight into consumer behaviors and motivations. We follow, track and observe your audiences’ activities, both in person and through data analytics.


We push the boundaries to present not just what’s possible now, but what your audience needs for their future engagement.

“You blew my mind! I’m totally rethinking the way I develop products.”

Erin Pikor, Founder Niaid Soaps