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Jump Start Design Innovation with the Right Strategy + Research. We are your consumer engagement partner.

Together, we leverage real consumer experiences, so you build the ideas that matter. Plus, maximize ROI on the way.

It’s time to get unstuck. At Hopscotch Labs, we learn what matters to your customers and market, so you set yourself and your products apart. Our efficient process involves deep research and exercises that refuel your team and, ultimately, positively impact your bottom line.

How Hopscotch Labs Fuels Your Design Innovation:

In our practical, hands-on experiences, we get to know the mindset of your target market and energize your team. Our immersive research, collaborative workshops and events empower results for:
• Agencies
• Start Ups
• Digital Products
• Software Firms
• Brands Ready to Innovate
We evaluate your project, address current issues, and show how to work through them.
What to expect in our design discovery services: Our team’s years of experience have led to strategic processes at Hopscotch Labs. Our services incorporate scientific methods into the design process. Fuzzy magical experiences are broken down into their component parts, allowing for measurement, iteration and evolution. Our methods include:
• Observations and contextual research
• Journey mapping and task flows audits
• Behavioral labs and co-design workshops
• Brand testing
• Card sorting
• Product usability testing

Choose the Solution to Propel Your Business Forward.

Vision Strategies for Blue Oceans

Upgrade your business and product strategy through a deep dive into your customer’s life, market and business capabilities. This intensive project provides business strategy  and product roadmaps that are based on consumer intelligence. Realigned to your market with distinct product advantages, this critical process opens the door to greater market share and customer loyalty.
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Immersive Strategy for Real Results

We develop a comprehensive strategy for your project, using a human-centered design approach. In this baseline for product development, you receive fresh insights into product use, new opportunities to extend the consumer experience, and build consumer intelligence. This practical, organized process results in clarity and readiness to charge forward to a successful product.
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5 Days to Break Ground on Your Best Product

Our team jump starts your project by asking the right people the right questions. Within this 120 hours, we answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping, usability testing, and co-creation labs. No assumptions here. We put your prototype into your target market’s hands, and use the results to launch you forward fast.
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Learn the best way to launch your business forward.

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“Just wanted to say that you and your team did an incredible job on the research. Really impressive work.”

R. Vazquez, Project Manager

“You blew my mind! I’m totally rethinking the way I develop products.”

Erin Pikor, Founder Niaid Soaps

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